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Upcoming Events

Deep Dive Workshop #02: Using AI to find a treatment to Covid-19

Aug 10, 2020

Discussion into how can AI help find a cure to Covid-19 and future pandemics? For example, by using different types of AI, a computer system can…

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Intelligent Automation Adoption Workshop #01: Using AI in Business

Aug 12, 2020

Unpicking the use of AI in the organization, exploring the “what” and the “how” of AI; and the impact AI is having across…

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Deep Dive Workshop #03: Using AI to help policymakers respond to Covid-19

Aug 17, 2020

How AI systems can support national, local, and international policymakers respond effectively to Covid19? Considering…

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Evidence Meeting # 2: The Birth and Trajectory of AI – A history and prediction of AI’s Journey

Aug 24, 2020

An overview of how AI originated, how it has developed, its current status, and potential futures. Speakers: Lord Clement Jones…

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ETC Programs

Progressing Towards a Futuristic Tomorrow.

Discover our innovation-process, composed of key programs and events to drive the technological revolution in the region.

Expert Evidence Meetings

Inviting the domain experts in a panel discussion, and initiating an open dialogue to develop tangible recommendations.

AI Deep Dive Workshops

An investigation workshop to dive deep into the specific AI issues covered during the evidence meetings.

Intelligent Automation Workshops

Accumulating the knowledge gained through numerous discussions, to assist organizations in developing and implementing their own innovation strategy.

ETC Fireside Chats

Inviting world-renowned experts to present their latest findings, insights, recent innovations, and perspectives on the future applications of AI.

Hot Topic Debates

Exploring various controversial areas that exist around the field of AI, by initiating a healthy discussion between the two AI experts and letting the public choose which opinion is more convincing.

Public Surveys and Consultations

Series of public consultations, surveys, and opinion polls will be conducted through ETC Pavilion to crowdsource perspectives on key AI issues.

Innovation Challenges

An event inviting stakeholders to propose solutions to the key challenges linked to one of the United Nations SDGs. Participants will be sharing pitches in accordance with the challenges announced via ETC Pavilion.

AI-Powered Analytics and Sectoral Briefings

Combining Natural Language Processing (NLP) with human expertise to aggregate existing data and presenting valuable insights to the decision-makers across sectors and industries.

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Shaping the Innovation

We promote the culture to harness and adopt emerging technologies like AI, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, and IoT, amongst others.

We connect you with high-profile individuals, government officials, and the key experts, with whom you can interact and enter into an open dialogue during a series of events. Ask questions, share perspectives, and learn along the way.

We encourage participation by the general public and welcome them to share their perspectives on the most crucial discussion topics. You can become an active participant regardless of your industry and sector. We have something for everyone.

We help you develop an understanding of how you can customize your innovation strategy to take maximum benefit from AI in your sector.

Witness the Innovation.

Approach us to join the Emerging Technologies Task Forces, and become a key player in initiating the Artificial Intelligence revolution in the MENA region.