Leading the Innovation.

Big Innovation Centre UK is an award-winning, global innovation technology think-tank launched in 2011. It exists to build a global innovation hub by 2025, connecting thought leaders, and innovation champions in various sectors.  Public and private sectors, academia, and the general public are the major stakeholders of the institution.

Due to their open innovation ecosystem approach and their vast experience and ability to derive the AI revolution, in 2013, they were chosen by the UK government to showcase in the G8 Summit delegation visit. In the following year, 2014 they again represented for the Commonwealth delegation visit of 27 nations. Thus, Emerging Technologies Councils in (ETC) is established as an inspiration to BIC UK.

Big Innovation Centre Middle East

Leading from the forefront, the digital transformation in the region, BIC Middle East will be empowering the Emerging Technologies Councils. BIC Middle East has evolved to be a pioneering program to bring awareness and educate people to embrace AI.

Our Goal

We want the region to accept the ecosystem designed specifically for improvement. The model helps individuals and businesses in transforming into a smart, digitally-driven future. Be it healthcare, social, economic, or cultural domain, the early adopters of AI will reap tangible benefits. ETC as a platform attracts thought leaders, and they enable the participants to highlight the positive impact of AI in various sectors.

Through an open and inclusive dialogue, BIC Middle East will ensure that policymakers, business leaders, academics, civil society representatives, and the general public are well equipped and interconnected, so they can shape the future of the region moving forward.

Welcoming the Future, Today.

Time and again, technologically empowered solutions have proven to be more productive, efficient, and sustainable. The Emerging Technologies Council (ETC) is the first step to highlight this fact. It is best to form a collective opinion; technologically powered solutions like Blockchain, Cybersecurity, IoT, and AI are the future.

Message from Big Innovation Centre Middle East CEO

Over the years, Big Innovation Centres’ thought leaders have earned a reputation as the champions in leading technological innovations. They have efficiently created an ecosystem that gathers the government, the public sector, and academia.

The continually evolving technological landscapes prompted us to act as a catalyst in shaping smart, digital architecture in the region. Empowering the young leaders so, that they can utilize the emerging technologies to bring smart revolution in the region.

Emerging Technologies Councils in MENA

We introduced ETC in MENA as an ongoing program comprising multiple events and activities. Through this program, participants will gather the most actionable insights, that can be implemented within the entire value chain.

From building robust healthcare systems that could save thousands of lives, to transforming the way, people educate and learn, ETC will help you expand your knowledge base related to the application of AI in various sectors. It will also help in building an advanced platform that is open, collaborative, and supports your growth.

Setting the Precedence

Emerging Technologies Councils is a pioneering initiative powered by the Big Innovation Center (BIC) for the first time in the MENA region. In 2020, Emerging Technologies Councils (ETC) is aiming to empower citizens to embrace AI revolution and accelerate the use of Artificial Intelligence. So, people can develop a habit of solving their big and small, everyday problems by adopting AI-powered solutions.

From its potential to transform how businesses and cities operate to the possibility of extending human lives, AI benefits are infinite. This platform is an opportunity for everyone to refine their understanding of the benefits AI can bring. It will also address to what extent it can help mitigate risks and reap greater rewards, for yourself and the world.

Our Ally

Industry-leader BIC is constantly monitoring AI progress, continuously addressing the main topics and challenges in different trajectories. Data governance, algorithmic bias, security concerns, and unethical implications are all that is the primary objectives. ETC offers a continuous engagement of innovation technologies that will bring together all the regional and global stakeholders from various sectors. This programme (ETC) is tailored to derive valuable insights. It will help our members in enabling their respective industries, by tapping into opportunities and at the same time, meet the challenges.


We are building a collective vision to focus on AI-powered tech solutions in the MENA region, through our future-centric collaborative platform.


To shape the emerging innovation technologies agenda in the region. Creating an ecosystem where all stakeholders openly participate, discuss, and contribute to the digital transformation and development of futuristic technologies.


ETC aligns with BIC Values


We are relentlessly ambitious to take on any challenge while shaping the smart, technology-driven future.


Our objective is to lead the process of innovation by enabling our participants to unleash the full potential of emerging technologies.


We have developed as a center of excellence for emerging technologies in the region.

Smart Objectives for a Smart Future.

Supporting the initiatives taken by the regional governments to empower their people, young enterprises, and the established ones, Emerging Technologies Councils (ETC) aims to accelerate the implementation of digitally transforming projects.

Through our efforts, we aim to build an ecosystem that will promote the culture of developing technology-based innovative solutions that are sustainable, smart, and futuristic.

Redefining the way citizens live, work, think, and interact; through constant planning and upgrades to revolutionary AI-powered technologies.

Initiate an era of digital transformation to change the way work is done across the region, making it faster, efficient, and streamlined.

Increase the sustainability of our cities by incorporating smart solutions backed by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Nurturing a culture of innovation and growth in the work environment by welcoming new strategies and competitive ideas.

Bring a radical change in various key sectors of the region; including healthcare, security, education, and security by offering improved experiences and proactivity.

Making the region a digital epicenter of innovative technological solutions, setting an example at a global level.

Shaping the Alternative Future with YOU!

AI is the future. There is no denying this. There are many people who think the same, and Emerging Technologies Councils invites each one to participate in our well-planned programs.

We are bringing forth professionals from multi-disciplinary backgrounds to discuss, debate, and develop technological solutions incorporating Artificial Intelligence.

Technical Steering Committee

The Technical Steering Committee comprises thought leaders and revolutionists having in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field of emerging technologies which they will be sharing with our participants during various discussions, debates, and workshops.