What does a member account mean?

A Member account refers to an account which the user sets up as their basic profile with limited access.

What does a Premium member account mean?

An account where users will setup their profiles with full access, connect with other members, experts and also setup social media handles ( LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) With this type of account users can view activities, follow other members, post, comment and share views on other posts.

How can I collect my CPD points?

For those activities associated with CPD points you will receive an email after the activity/event. In the email there will be few questions you have to answer. Upon successfully completing the questions your profile will be credited with the CPD points associated with these activities.

How can I get a certificate of attendance?

You will be receiving a certificate of attendance for each activity you attend in the program.

How can I get a certificate of achievement?

You will receive a certificate of achievement after completing 12 months with us in the program, provided that you have collected at least 10 CPD points during the 12 months.

How can I get a certificate of completion?

You will receive a certificate of completion after completing 12 months with us in the program provided that you have collected at 40 CPD points or more during the 12 months.

In which cases would my comments and post be removed or banned?

Posting any inappropriate posts or comments will immediately result in the removal of your comments. These programs are solely developed to discuss and exchange knowledge and ideas related to emerging technologies. Any ideas or comments outside this scope would be taken seriously and could result in your account being blocked.

What is the Emerging Technologies Council Foundation course?

It is a course offered by the ET Councils, consisting of three units, an introduction to the business use of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Data Science.

Who can join this membership?

Anyone interested to understand about Emerging Technologies can avail our memberships. To become a member, simply visit https://www.etcouncils.com/register/ 

What is the duration of the memberships?

We only provide annual memberships at present. Please refer to our Privacy Policy page before applying for any membership.

What are types of memberships available?

We have four types of Membership offerings; General Public, Basic Community, Premium, and Premium Plus.

What other programmers will be in addition to Future of AI?

Presently we are focusing on Artificial Intelligence, however, further, we will be extending our area of interest in other Emerging Technologies.

How do we login to the sessions live or can it be replayed back?

You have to login to ETC Pavilion to find it.

Whom to contact for payments and billing?

You can contact [email protected] for any inquiries.

How can I claim my discount for other conferences /events that ETC program is partnering with?

Part of our loyalty offers to our premium plus members. We will send our premium plus members an email with a very special discount code to use. Currently, premium plus members will receive a discount code of 50% for Gitex 2020 and AI everything 2021.

Is the membership model on annual basis or monthly basis?

We offer you an annual membership for a period of 12 calendar months. There are no monthly membership options. However, all annual memberships are available with a monthly payment option. You can register for an annual membership and choose the monthly payment option.

When can I enroll?

You can enroll any time during the calendar year. Your membership starts from the day you register & pay for the membership and last for a period of 12 calendar months.

Should we pay full amount of annual membership on registration?

No, you have the liberty to choose from our two given options. You either choose One-time annual payment  ( Option – 1 ) to pay Full amount of annual membership at the time of registration or choose the option of buy now pay later ( option – 2 ).

What is Buy Now Pay Later option?

Buy Now Pay Later is a payment option that allows you to distribute payments on your purchases over 12 calendar months. The payment period starts from the date of membership purchase and ends after 12 calendar monthly payments. Kindly note that each monthly payment will be in advance.

Give me an example about different payments options described above?

Take an example of premium plus membership. You can choose one of the following payment options:

Option – 1: One-time annual payment: Buy Now 12 calendar months membership, when you pay the onetime annual payment of USD 3,000/-.

Option – 2:  Buy now and pay later: In this option, you buy now & pay later over 12 calendar months. You pay USD 280 monthly over 12 calendar months. Hence in total, you pay USD 3,360/-.

Kindly note that in the buy now pay later payment option explained above, you shall end up paying a higher amount of USD 3360/- than the required yearly payment of USD 3000/-.

What are the modes of payments available for subscription to memberships?

All Online payments options through credit or debit card, pay pal and bank transfer is available. We do not have a cash payment option. Please visit your account on our website and thereafter the payment page to make a payment.

On what day of each month will my credit card be charged?

The date we charge you depends on the date of the month you initially signed up for your Membership. To see when your next payment will occur, follow these steps.

  1. Log into etccouncils.com/payments.
  2. The date of your next (“upcoming”) payment will be displayed on the right.

Can the annual membership be paid in Cash?

No. Annual membership cannot be paid in cash. We are unable to accept cash Membership payments at this time. Payments must be made via credit card or PayPal.

How Can the membership fee paid through bank transfer?

Yes, Annual membership can be made through bank transfers. You will have to contact Trusted Communication office for the same under contact us details mentioned on this website. Online bank transfer details shall be provided on request.

Can I update my credit/ Debit card details?

Yes, you may do so. Simply log into your account, add the new card and click update my credit/ debit card.

I think my most recent payment was declined! What should I do?

a). Log in to etccouncils.com.

b) Your account status will be displayed. If your screen displays a “Declined” and/or “upcoming payment”, then your most recent payment was declined and you need to make a fresh payment.

To bring your payment up-to-date (and reactivate your Membership):

i). Select the button labelled “Make a Payment”.

II). Enter your credit card information and press “Process”.

III). Your account will be immediately reactivated.

If the old card you have on file (the one that didn’t work) needs to be replaced, follow the instructions shown above under “How do I change the credit card that is used to charge my payment each month?” at least three days prior to your next payment.

Can we upgrade membership plan at any time during the calendar year?

Yes. Click Change plan from the Subscriptions tab in your account. You’ll be switched to the new plan immediately and charged a prorated amount.

Can we downgrade the membership plan from Premium plus to premium?

No downgrade option is unavailable. Under no circumstance’s membership fee paid will be refunded or adjusted against other membership plan.

Is the payment mentioned above inclusive of VAT or taxes?

No, All the payment options mentioned above are exclusive of Tax or VAT payments. VAT or taxes shall be charged based on government regulations as may be applicable on memberships.