Virtual Engagement Platform – Pavilion

ETC Pavilion will serve as a virtual platform to build a community of stakeholders and promote public engagement, through discussions, workshops, online courses, polls and surveys, interactive educational material, courses, and study groups.

Through ETC Pavilion, participants can gather useful resources and take structured approaches to equip themselves with insightful information. Our members can discover AI trends in their industries, participate in evidence meetings, debates and talks, and direct their questions to subject matter experts.

By sharing perspectives on key AI issues, and interacting with one another; you can become a part of an impact big enough to reshape the technological landscape in the MENA region.

Programme Output

Endless Gains For Endless Prosperity.

Program output includes an extensive variety of workshops, course material, discussion meetings, prototypes derived from innovation challenges, theme reports, informational and event coverage videos, factsheets enumerating AI trends, participant certificates, social gatherings, and dinners.

Live streams and recordings of:

    • 12 Expert Evidence Meetings
    • 36 AI Deep Dive Workshops
    • 4 AI Adoption Workshops
    • 12 Fireside Chats
    • 4 Hot Topic Debates
  • More than 100 Public Surveys (approximately 3 per event)
  • 12 theme reports
  • 16 short videos of event highlights
  • 2 events showcasing prototypes addressing Innovation Challenges
  • 6 factsheets highlighting AI trends, investment patterns, key figures, etc.