Future of AI in MENA

Progressing Towards a Futuristic Tomorrow

With the rising potential for economic and social progress through Artificial Intelligence in the world, we realize that embracing these new-age technologies can help the region to set on a new path to progress.

We believe that through the initiation of our programs we can create awareness and knowledge regarding AI and its innumerable benefits along with certain risks and ethical challenges it poses which we can overcome through dialogue, discussion, and experimentation. The prospects include saving thousands of lives through enhanced healthcare and remodeling the way we think, learn, and function.

Through the establishment of ETC in the region, we hope to create constructive dialogue between experts, organizations, entrepreneurs, and the public; with aims of empowering the society by developing solutions and relevant policies to move towards the futuristic tomorrow in the region.

Key Activities

Expert Evidence Meetings

In a total of 12 meetings, domain experts will come together to start with a panel discussion, followed by an interactive question and answer session with participants either in-person or through ETC Pavilion.

In an attempt to unleash essential solutions to specific AI challenges, we will initiate an open dialogue where participants can gather multi-stakeholder perspectives, engage experts to get answers to their questions and collaborate with members, industry experts, and policymakers to develop tangible recommendations.

AI Deep Dive Workshops

Every evidence meeting is followed by 3 investigation workshops to dive deep into the specific AI issues covered during the evidence meetings.

An in-depth study of the issues will allow our experts to analyze specific challenges along with their benefits and potential risks. These workshops can take place once every week.

BIC Fireside Chats

World-renowned AI specialists will become a part of the task force.

In an attempt to give more insight into the field of AI, experts will present their latest findings, recent innovations, and perspective on the future applications of AI.

Hot Topic Debates

Exploring the various controversial areas that exist around the field of Artificial Intelligence, ETC will quarterly host a debate between two AI experts either in person or via ETC Pavilion.

The outcome of these debates will be shared with the members and they’ll be able to decide which argument they found more convincing. The aim here is to initiate a healthy discussion and let the public have both the perspectives before they choose the sides.

Public Surveys and Consultations

Occurring each month, a series of public consultations, surveys, and opinion polls will be conducted through ETC Pavilion to crowdsource perspective on key AI issues.

ETC recognizes the massive role the public plays in bringing the revolutionary change to the technological landscape of the region. For us, continuous public engagement is extremely crucial. We want our general public to comment on the perspective put forth by our experts and help us in shaping the questions posed during the evidence meetings or vote on the arguments delivered during the hot topic debates or for that sake, comment on the program content itself and recommend improvements.

Innovation Challenges

Held every 6 months, Innovation Challenges is an event that invites stakeholders to propose solutions to the key challenges linked to one of the United Nations SDGs. Participants will be sharing pitches in accordance with the challenges announced via ETC Pavilion.

Solutions proposed can be in the form of ideas, prototypes, MVPs, or end products. The best solutions will be invited to become a part of the “Solution Sandbox” where they will be given professional guidance by industry experts on how their solutions can be scaled and turned into business models to benefit the entire sector.. Business leaders, policy-makers, and investors will also be invited to attend the event showcasing these proposed solutions.

AI-Powered Analytics and Sectoral Briefings

Combining Natural Language Processing (NLP) with human expertise to aggregate existing data can present valuable insights into the decision-makers across sectors and industries.

Our AI-powered analytics platform and briefs aims to inform the decision-makers about AI trends by analyzing the existing and recent research and development data, illustrating some key figures, opportunities, and the necessary information that can prove to be useful for various sectors in shaping the future.